Arriving to much hype and fanfare, Laurel Halo assumes the King Felix moniker to inaugurate Mute’s Liberation Technologies sub-label. The ‘Spring EP’ clears her cache of the last few years work, rending a dreamily synthesized fusion of Motor City memes, mid-’90s UK IDM and modern hyper-swerve with a post Ambient-Techno aesthetic. Of course, that sounds pretty freaking convoluted, but this really isn’t a simple sound; it is diffuse, kinetic and evocatively melodic, executed with a cool compositional skill which stands her aside from the crowd in a surreal, self-made hyperspace. The three versions of ‘Spring’ are subtly morphed simulations of the same elements – fluttering flutes, rippling machine pulses, wheezy synth fibrillations – manifesting as Dub-stepped swoon; 3am Motor city elegance; flickering Footwork frame rates; while the deeply contrasting ‘Freak’ enters carefully constructed Chamber-Ambient dimensions. [Source]

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