Diamond Version – Technology At The Speed Of Life (2012)

Diamond Version is the collaborative alias of Byetone and Alva Noto, two of forensic electronica’s most revered practitioners. The Raster-Noton bosses (and teenage friends) have both been busy of late with their respective solo ventures. Alva Noto released 2011′s fluent Univrs, and collaborated with Anne-James Chaton and Andy Moor earlier this year. Byetone, meanwhile, released the thudding Symeta at the tail end of 2011. Developing out of the occasional collaborative live performance, Diamond Version attempt to fuse relatively forceful dancefloor fare with corporate imagery and “surreal and subversive humour”. The pair have just kicked off a five-part EP series for Mute Records, issuing Technology At The Speed Of Life / Empowering Change over the weekend. [Source]

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Black Asteroid – Black Acid (2012)

After exploding onto the scene last year with the highly charged and widely acclaimed CLR debut, ‘The Engine EP’, Bryan Black revises his BLACKASTEROID guise to present ‘Black Acid’: five tracks of lab-crafted techno, and a deeply groovy entry into the Electric Deluxe stable.

Whilst BLACKASTEROID is still a fairly fledgling endeavour, Black’s production credentials are as rich as they are steeped. Starting out at Paisley Park Studios as a sound designer for Prince, Black proceeded to foment a passion for techno as the other half of Motor. Signed to Novamute in 2003, over the course of nearly a decade Black and his partner Olivier Grasset consolidated EBM, industrial, pop and electro fusions into four albums and a string of EPs. But it is as BLACKASTEROID that Black has come into his own as a unique and highly skilled sonic engineer, with ‘Black Acid’ marking further steps towards a purer, and yet boundless engagement with techno.

“This EP is about chemistry and space. I chose to focus on raw, analogue sounds. I spent a lot of time playing with white noise, static and sub bass, often layering them together and coming up with new sounds in the process.”

From the EP’s punchy granular title track to the meticulous disorder surrounding “Hydrogen” and palette of alien, mechanical sounds that proliferate throughout—distinctly towards the EP’s space-themed closers: “Pressure”, “Lunar Landing” and “Lunar Escape”—‘Black Acid’ is an inventive and ever intriguing record. Like some estranged and maverick alchemist, Bryan Black mixes drops of discordant home-brewed noise with plenty of infectious floor-ready rhythms to form compounds that transcend straight listening and danceable orientations. Indeed, whether an aficionado of sound or simple beat junkie, ‘Black Acid’ will lure you in with one and hook you with the other. Turn up the bass and dive deep into its timbres to discover the weird and wonderful vistas of BLACKASTEROID’s sonic imagining.

Switch & Erol Alkan – A Sidney Jook (2012)

Switch and Erol Alkan come together on what is possibly Phantasy’s heaviest release to date. Saturated acid lines, scratches, vocal snippets and the biggest kick drum this side the Planet 808 dominate a track originally conceived back in 2009. Brilliant remixes come from Night Slugs co-founder Bok Bok, and New York’s Willie Burns who’s recent release on L.I.E.S has been staple in Erol Alkan’s sets for much of 2012.

Released on limited edition acid splash vinyl. Artwork by Greek artist Dimitris Rokos, label and postcard design by North Internet


A. A Sydney Jook
B1. A Sydney Jook (Bok Bok Remix)
B2. A Sydney Jook (Willie Burns’ Freedom Remix)

You can buy it from:
Phonica Records: http://bit.ly/PH19ph
Rough Trade Records: http://bit.ly/PH19rght
Piccadilly Records: http://bit.ly/PH19pc
Juno Records: http://bit.ly/PH19jn

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Drop The Lime – Darkness (Busy P remix) (2012)

Through the tough, through the rough, the mystery that the night beholds is always something new, and will always be there to show you something different and exciting. Never bored, never tired, never the same. I’m always drawn to it. Heavily inspired by early Italo and early electro arpeggios, I combined a heavy blues-driven riff with lyrics about my forever flirt with heartbreaks. [Source]