Ripperton – Sidelines (2016)


Label headman Ripperton strikes back on his own Tamed label with 2 new songs and a collaborative jam with his Berlin favorite fellow Quarion.


Jeff Mills – The Hunter (2016)


The inimitable man from outer space delivers us the 9th instalment in his The Sleeper Wakes series, and it follows on from where such contemporary classic techno long-players as Emerging Crystal Universe and Jungle Planet left off. Described by Axis as ” a science fiction story about the structure, preservation, limits of the human species and existence, the assumed realm of other intelligent life forms, the other dimensional worlds and realities beyond the horizon of our imagination,”, Free Fall Galaxy is sure to be high on concept, fidelity and drama. You know this will be special.

Kiani & His Legion – The Early Sound EP (2016)


“Sometimes, a dance floor needs simple things. Jam + Spoon is a jam that I made when I just started producing. I’ve revisited it a lot, because it is very playful and honest, hence the name “The Early Sound EP”. Das Videotheca is a track I made live while a short documentary about my production process was being recorded. Again, it’s a simple but effective groove!”

Kiani is well-known for his releases on We Play House Recordings (Records & Culture), on DFTD (Legions From the East), his mad dance remix for Elbee Bad “It’s the People Ep”on Difu and his last and great Ep on Something Happening Somewhere (The Paper Unicorn EP), which got an incredible remix by Fatima Yamaha.