MG – Exalt (2015)


‘MG’ is Martin Gore’s 16-track electronic instrumental album – out now on Mute. #MGxMG #Exalt


Depeche Mode – Stjarna (1988)


Minimalist instrumentals are not completely unprecedented for Gore, whose albums and singles with Depeche Mode frequently contained his instrumental compositions (he calls the 1988 B-side “Stjarna” his favorite) and whose sinisterly pulsating synth ballads, and hard-hitting, guitar-stacked dance jams with Depeche Mode have proven hugely influential on the soundscapes of industrial artists like Trent Reznor.

Lakker – Oktavist (2015)


Since the early 2000s, Dara and Ian have been the brains behind the slugged out, bass heavy techno outfit ‘Lakker’. Both originating from Ireland, they paint intricate sonic tapestries ranging from haunting Arctic soundscapes to bass driven warehouse weight. Inspired heavily by the chopped up, processed sounds of the 90s, their humanist slant on techno has received play outs by the likes of Aphex Twin, Laurent Garnier and Surgeon. This year Lakker have been featured on Rob Booth’s ‘Electronic Explorations’ mix series, played Glade festival and received high praise (5/5, 4/5 & 10/10 from Normann Records, Resident Advisor and Tillate magazine respectively) for their recent release on ‘Blueprint’, one of Britain’s most influential techno labels. Moreover, they have just released their new AV show, in which the subtle changes in the music are reflected in the patient and detailed morphing of their visual content, with support from creative hubs such as ‘CDM’.

Alva Noto – Xerrox Helm Transphaser (2015)

safe_image (9)

after a break of 5 years, alva noto continues his xerrox series with »xerrox vol. 3«, entitled “towards space”, a journey that started with »xerrox vol. 1«, referring to the “old world”, and »xerrox vol. 2«, heading “to the new world”. using the process of copying as a basis, the xerrox series deals with the manipulation of data by means of endless reproduction. due to the inherent vice of the procedure that becomes especially visible when copies are made from copies, everyday sounds are so much altered that they can be hardly associated with the source material anymore. as a result, entirely new sounds are created that, being copies of originals, become originals themselves. on »xerrox vol. 3«, a new aspect enters the scene. inspired by childhood film memories from the 1970s including tarkovsky’s adaption of “solaris” and “la isla misteriosa y el capitán nemo” based on jules verne’s “the mysterious island”, the record shows alva noto’s private side. with its very intimate atmosphere, it is a personal reflection of dreams, an imaginary journey through emotional landscapes or, as he himself puts it, a “cinematographic emotion of a soundtrack to a film that actually does not exist in reality.” alvo noto himself further states, “I see »xerrox vol. 3« as my most personal album so far. I have to admit that this emotional output is a surprise even for myself. it remains exciting how the last two albums of this series will sound like.”

Lusine – Arterial (2015)


Seattle Ghostly stalwart Jeff McIlwain (a.k.a. Lusine) didn’t expect to follow up his hardware- centric Arterial EP with a record of reworks, but the circumstances which brought it to light weren’t exactly planned either. After fellow Seattleite Rafael Anton Irisarri had all of his music gear stolen from a moving truck the night before he left for New York, Ghostly arranged an Indiegogo campaign to help the artist rebuild his studio. Friends and fans around the world chipped in to aid the effort, including Josh Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, who committed to producing a remix for one lucky backer. And that backer came through, requesting that Eustis take on the title track of Lusine’s 2014 record.

Telefon Tel Aviv’s remix snowballed into a contribution from Rafael Anton Irisarri’s The Sight Below alias, and now all of that inspired support—including a remix from LA duo MOORS—will be released back into the world as the four-track Arterial Reworks. Of course, this is a record meant to highlight Lusine’s meticulous, organic beat track with three thoughtful reconstructions, but it seems to represent even more than that. What happened here was a rare moment in music, an opportunity for friends to rally around a fellow artist in need and use their craft to give him a leg up. Arterial Reworks is a place where charity, creativity, and community converge, and it does so in a burst of remarkably expressive electronic music.