Lee Bannon – Value 10 (2013)

Shapeshifter Lee Bannon drops the visuals for new track “Value 10“, taken from the prolific producer’s mind-melting forthcoming Alternate/endings LP, out 01/13/14 on Ninja Tune. Vid edited by @Carlyle_. [Source]



Geskia! – Glare Trigger (2013)

Directed by Hajime Honda

from The Album “Silent Of Light” PROGRESSIVE FOrM PFCD34 2013

Mastered by Pole ‪http://pole-music.com/‬ ‪http://scapemastering.com/‬


Diamond Version – Turn On Tomorrow (2013)

Preceding a series of equally hyperreal videos, the forward-thinking German producers (and Raster-Noton label founders), Byetone and Alva Noto behind the experimental collaborative project, Diamond Version, created a recondite ‘mission statement’ playing out a repetitive digital message over a backdrop of dark, synthetic tones. Displaying: ‘A greater measure of confidence. A promise for life. A virtual world of live pictures. Because I’m worth it’… the video presented endless corporate slogans removed from their contexts, creating a sinister utopia along with the duo’s track titles which were to follow. [Source]


Perc – A New Brutality (2012)

Whilst the majority of techno producers run themselves into the ground focusing on a small square of Berlin dancefloor Perc’s musical universe expands at a frightening rate, taking in influences from across a number of contemporary genres. ‘A New Brutality’ is Perc’s first full release since his debut album ‘Wicker & Steel’ was released in June 2011. Since it’s he has contributed to Stroboscopic Artefacts first ‘Stellate’ compilation and appeared on a split 12” in partnership with Xhin for the same label. As a remixer he has served up rerubs of Surgeon, Tommy Four Seven, Walls and The Black Dog and has recently completed three remixes of Factory Floor for release on DFA. Add to this a busy touring schedule that has taken him to the USA and Japan this year as well as weekly gigs across Europe and it is clear Perc is in as much demand as ever. Opening up with the EP’s title track, this is Perc at his most dominating, as he presents five and half minutes of pure controlled noise. Purposely different from your typical big room techno banger, it still has the power and individuality to be a highlight of any club set.


Karl Bartos – Atomium (2013)

Imagine this!
Square de l’Atomium, Brussels, Belgium. Some time ago in late summer Lotte Reiniger, Walter Ruttmann, François Truffaut, Jean Giraud and Quentin Tarantino held a conference in the upper sphere of the Atomium. The main topic of their meeting was film editing. Eventually Walter raised a question about rhythm: “When is a cut rhythmically interesting and right?”, he was asking. Subsequently the conversation went on and on.
After a while it was getting dark and it started raining outside. Lotte looked out of the window and through the pouring rain she noticed a black Citroen “Berline” in the distance. The limousine was driving full speed towards the Atomium and finally circled around it in a seamless glide. Lotte, curious by now, got her opera glasses and although the Citroen looked overcrowded she could recognize five passengers: Igor Stravinsky, Witold Lutoslawski, Bernard Herrmann, John Barry and Pierre Henry. “Unbelievable!”, she yelled ecxited. And in no time Lotte, Walter, François, Jean and Quentin rushed down the escalator – passing by director Henri Simons – to team up with the guys. We don’t know if they ever met but it would have been wonderful, wouldn’t it?
Alright – but who’s that man observing the sequence in a pale trenchcoat outside the building? Yes, that’s Karl Bartos completely transfixed by the situation. And, believe it or not, exactly at this very moment Karl comes to the conclusion to write a song and shoot a film about the Atomium, this gigantic model of an iron crystal. And this is what he came up with…
For his first single taken from the forthcoming album “Off the Record” Karl Bartos has shot and edited this surprising film. The single will be released worldwide on 1 February 2013.
No other edifice in Europe symbolizes the rise and fall of atomic power quite as dramatically as the Atomium. This gigantic model of an iron crystal, erected for the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels, finds its musical voice on “Atomium”.
But what does iron crystal music sound like? The ex-Kraftwerk member combines variable metrics and intelligent rhythmicity with calculated noise and the elegant weightlessness of his melodies – neoclassicism meets avant-garde electronica.

01: Atomium (English Version)
02: Atomium (German Version)
Written, performed and produced by Karl Bartos
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mathias Black


D.A.F. – Du bist DAF (2010)

Two years after the premiere of their new song ‘Du Bist DAF’ was released, the duo are now working on a new LP and playing live occasionally. Their most recent show at Avant Art Festival in Wrocław attracted die-hard fans and newcomers alike for a line-up that consisted of a Raster-Noton showcase, an F.M. Einheit solo performance, a Moritz Von Oswald Trio session and a Caspar Brötzmann Massaker gig. [Source]

[via Bryan Black]