Mantra Of Machines – Perspective Of Yourself (Virgil Enzinger Remix) (2015)


I.CNTRL is proud to present MANTRA OF MACHINES, the redefinition of the self-inherit dark-techno system. It is a conceptual and spiritual collaboration at the same time. It is about the true source of electronic music, the rediscovery and reforging of our musical artifacts. An independent band-project that experiments using industrial, hypnotic and mechanical loops, influenced by real acoustic instruments, voices and sounds. All tracks are produced in live recording sessions. Incl. VIRGIL ENZINGER REMIX!V


Lusine – Arterial (2015)


Seattle Ghostly stalwart Jeff McIlwain (a.k.a. Lusine) didn’t expect to follow up his hardware- centric Arterial EP with a record of reworks, but the circumstances which brought it to light weren’t exactly planned either. After fellow Seattleite Rafael Anton Irisarri had all of his music gear stolen from a moving truck the night before he left for New York, Ghostly arranged an Indiegogo campaign to help the artist rebuild his studio. Friends and fans around the world chipped in to aid the effort, including Josh Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, who committed to producing a remix for one lucky backer. And that backer came through, requesting that Eustis take on the title track of Lusine’s 2014 record.

Telefon Tel Aviv’s remix snowballed into a contribution from Rafael Anton Irisarri’s The Sight Below alias, and now all of that inspired support—including a remix from LA duo MOORS—will be released back into the world as the four-track Arterial Reworks. Of course, this is a record meant to highlight Lusine’s meticulous, organic beat track with three thoughtful reconstructions, but it seems to represent even more than that. What happened here was a rare moment in music, an opportunity for friends to rally around a fellow artist in need and use their craft to give him a leg up. Arterial Reworks is a place where charity, creativity, and community converge, and it does so in a burst of remarkably expressive electronic music.

RA – Prism (Trentemøller Remix) (2014)


RA are one of the newest members of the Adrian Recordings family. Formed in 2012 they have put out a 4 track 10” EP, and last summer a 2 track 7”. We are slowly building up to a debut album that will be out during the first half of 2015. For now though it’s time for a detour, or more specifically, time to open up ears to what it’s all about; dark bass, hammering rhythms and haunting melodies, and we’ve got it in full here on this brand new remix EP, released on vinyl 1st December and digitally on the 29th.

Noe Spagato
Bam Spacey

A1. Prism (Trentemøller Remix)
Dane, Anders Trentemøller, is one of Europe’s best and most respected electronic artists. He is a true legend, his own music being moody atmospheric trips, but when remixing he leans towards more up-tempo almost body-like dance floors, we all remember his work for Röyksopp (feat. Karin Dreijer Andersson) etc. Here he takes RA to a similar place. All his background in dark rock is in there, all the D.A.F. influences and all the mouldy cellar dancing. This is a stellar remix from an artist that never rests.

Psychic TV – Alien Be-In (Silent Servant Remix) (2014)


Dark Entries Editions is venturing into new waters with a remix EP of Psychic TV’s classic Acid House song “Alien Be-In”. Psychic TV was formed by Genesis P-Orridge and Peter Christopherson after the breakup of Throbbing Gristle in 1981. After various line up changes, the band shifted direction to dance oriented songs influenced by the Acid House scene in America. By 1988 experimental electronic musician Fred Giannelli, of Turning Shrines, joined the band and over the next 2 years started to record songs for “Toward The Infinite Beat”. The album was a mix of deep, multilayered tracks full of bright and hypnotic dance numbers, providing the soundtrack to the rave culture that sprung up in the UK in the 90s.

“Alien Be-In” was written in early 1989 on an E-mu Emax Sampler and an Alesis MMT-8 sequencer. Vocal samples were taken from a tape American investigative reporter Don Bolles sent to Genesis. A didgeridoo rides throughout the song, heavily modulated by a Gristleizer creating a hypnotic effect. Near the end of the song the breakbeat slides out of time yet the band chose to leave this in because it sounded strange and fit the concept of the track. Genesis played a spaced out Echo Violin and the band used 360 degree panning rotation devices. For this reissue Fred Giannelli takes a stab at remixing the mono mix of the original sequence sourced from the Emax floppy discs. On the flip are two brand new mixes, the first from Los Angeles based producer, Silent Servant, who updates the classic with his modern brand of driving EBM techno. The second remix is a team effort from Silent Servant and veteran producer John Tejada, that re-creates the original melody using a Roland TR-808 and TB-303, paying homage to early Chicago Acid House artists like Lil Louis and Robert Owens.

All songs have been mastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The 12” is housed in a mind-alerting, metallic silver die-cut sleeve and a neon green label that pops through, featuring the psychic skull transformed into an alien cone head label all designed by Eloise Leigh. Each copy includes a 2-sided 11×11 square insert with black and white photo of the band from 1988 and liner notes by Fred Giannelli.