LUCIANBLOMKAMP – Comfort (2015)


With his second album scheduled in for an early 2016 release, Melbourne muso LUCIANBLOMKAMP is closing out this year with another one of its tracks; a dark and moody slice of his emotive, atmospheric electronica called ‘Comfort’.


Perc – Take Your Body Off (2014)

Taken from the Perc album ‘The Power And The Glory’ released on Perc Trax on 17th February. The album will be released as 2×12″ vinyl, limited edition steel tin CD, digipak CD and download. Pre-orders at from Monday 27th January. Before Perc’s eagerly awaited second album ‘The Power And The Glory’ is released, Perc Trax is offering up this first glimpse of one of the album’s key moments. ‘Take Your Body Off’ is the album’s most focused club track and has already been road-tested by Perc across Europe at gigs ranging from small basement clubs to 5,000 strong festival crowds. Built upon a foundation of stabbing kick drums, rolling triplet snare patterns and a wall of sub bass, the track is completed by the vocals of Dan Chandler of London noise rock outfit Dethscalator. The piercing, guttural vocals, more akin to the short sharp shock of a metal performance provide the kind of sonic jolt techno used to trade in, yet which is rarely heard these days.


Sawf – Menete (2013)

Sawf, Perc Trax’s most mysterious artist returns to the label he calls home after EP’s for Model Analysis, Audio Assault and M-Rec. This is his first new material for Perc Trax since his well received album ‘Flaws’ in 2011 and shows him introducing new influences to his trademark grinding, industrial sound.

First up is title track Menete, built around a 16th note synth line that recalls everything from classic EBM to more modern synth-led techno such as the recent Sleeparchive EP on Tresor. Closing the a-side is Toolio, a far too modest title for a track that is far from a disposable techno tool. An expert exercise in building percussion, this is closest to the sound people know from Sawf, but the best example of it yet.

Opening up the b-side is a remix from Yuji Kondo; know best for his work under both his own name and as half of Steven Porter on Semantica. The remix is everything you’d expect from Yuji. A wall of broken-beat noise topped off by cut up vocals samples and a fluid, ever-changing arrangement. Closing the 12” is ‘Diin’. A deeper, almost house-like cut from Sawf, building on a probing bass guitar line, proving he can do subtle and atmospheric as well as he does tough and confrontational.