Geskia! – Glare Trigger (2013)

Directed by Hajime Honda

from The Album “Silent Of Light” PROGRESSIVE FOrM PFCD34 2013

Mastered by Pole ‪‬ ‪‬



Laurel Halo – NOYFB (2013)

Halo may hail from the States, but Behind The Green Door operates more explicitly in a British rave tradition of rhythmic fluidity and exploration than anything she’s done to date. There’s a clear musical kinship between the music I’ve written about above (the likes of Elgato, Sensate Focus and Pearson Sound) and the bounding groove and hollow hi-hat ticks of ‘Sex Mission’ and ‘Throw’. Meanwhile ‘NOYFB’ ventures farthest from whatever imagined dancefloor you might choose to locate the EP on, and does so to tremendous effect (texturally at least it reminds me of Bee Mask’s When We Were Eating Unripe Pears album). Its fleet-footed percussion heel-toes just to either side of the track’s core pulse, while bell-like struck tones stretch out into echoing infinity, and a distant bleeping alarm runs almost imperceptibly in the background, just enough to set the senses on alert. [Source]


Diamond Version – When Performance Matters (2013)

Experiemental dance musicians walk a fine line. On one hand, there’s a drive to push the limits of electronic invention; but then, you can’t ignore the beat. It’s a limitation to a physical, often emotional matrix. Diamond Version embody this conflict moreso than most. The duo, formed of German producers Byetone and Alva Noto, make driving, intelligent floor-fillers that are darkly ecstatic and drain the potential of this vernacular. [Source]