Junq – From Below (2008)

London based Electro label headed by Sync 24, who is better known for his releases on Andrea Parker’s Touchin’ Bass label. The Labels primary focus is to release high quality Electro influenced dance music with a dark and twisted edge. After two successful compilations featuring Signal Type, Point 7, Innume, Abstrakt Knights, ADJ, Junq and Matt Whitehead, Cultivated Electronics EP 003 features fresh material from Signal Type, Sync 24, Innume and an outstanding remix By Gods of Technology otherwise known as Bass Junkie & The Dexorcist. [Source]

[via Daniel Beattie]


Truss – Clytha (Tommy Four Seven Remix) (2012)

Truss fixes up the fourth release on Sigha’s Our Circula Sound label, backed with Svreca and Tommy Four Seven remixes. A-side: ‘Clytha’ briefly charges the air with roiling metallic timbres before ‘Beacon’ furrows a mucky rut of stomping industrial 4/4 and plangent bleeps. B-side: Tommy Four Seven pulverises ‘Clytha’ into a submissive, bilgy swing and Svreca does his cold, rolling thing with ‘Auden’ to stealthy, club owning effect. [Source]

Com Truise – Open (2012)

Princeton producer Seth Haley – better known as Com Truise – has announced the July 17th release of In Decay, a collection of early recordings and rarities. The compilation follows two EPs and one full-length, each displaying Haley’s synth-heavy, eighties-obsessed vision. “Open,” the first track on In Decay, offers an early glimpse at that path: part vintage video game soundtrack, part sci-fi fantasy, the track introduces Haley’s obsessions with eight-bit-style synthesizers and thick dance beats. According to the producer, the track is especially prescient. “‘Open’ is virtually opening the vault on the early infant stages of the Com Truise project,” Haley tells Rolling Stone. “I feel like it’s a mission statement of sorts for what would follow.” [Source]

Clark – MFB Skank (2012)

Last month, Clark announced an EP of new tracks from his Iradelphic release and gave us “As the Circle Closes,” but there was no word on when the rest of the material would become available. Today, we get a free download of the second song from the EP, called “MFB Skank.” It’s a weird, driving number that is much different that the previous track. It was made available in anticipation of Clark’s appearance at Bloc 2012 next weekend, and will only stay up until July 13. [Source]

Rod Malmok – HGB/DTC (2012)

The EP features two brand-new ROD tracks, entitled HGB and DTC. HGB is stripped down, energetic and hypnotic Techno with a thrifty and efficient use of synths. Its driving, elegant beat programming, together with its crafty, subtle effects, vividly illustrate the special handwriting of ROD. DTC is even more minimalistic and reduced to the absolute indispensable, which makes it equally effective in its own way. With those productions ROD is really on to something, and we are very happy to present you his first and surely not last CLR release. [Source]