D.A.F. – Du bist DAF (2010)

Two years after the premiere of their new song ‘Du Bist DAF’ was released, the duo are now working on a new LP and playing live occasionally. Their most recent show at Avant Art Festival in Wrocław attracted die-hard fans and newcomers alike for a line-up that consisted of a Raster-Noton showcase, an F.M. Einheit solo performance, a Moritz Von Oswald Trio session and a Caspar Brötzmann Massaker gig. [Source]

[via Bryan Black]


Lusine – Another Tomorrow (2012)

Seattle-based producer Jeff McIlwain’s work has long inhabited the fertile border zone between electronic pop and experimental electronic music — it’s a place that’s home to music that has both a brain and a heart, and McIlwain’s been exploring its boundaries for the best part of a decade now. The Waiting Room is his third full-length release for Ghostly International under the moniker Lusine, and his first album since 2009’s A Certain Distance. As with all McIlwain’s work as Lusine, this is a record that’s characterized by both diversity and coherency. [Source]

Diamond Version – Science For A Better Life (2012)

Diamond Version release EP2 on 12” and download on 26 November 2012. Featuring the tracks Science For A Better Life, Shift The Future and Forever New Frontiers, this is the next installment in a sequence of five 12″ / download EPs released throughout 2012 and 2013, culminating in an album in 2013. With playful humour, Diamond Version explore Daily Short Message Information Culture (DSMC), their phrase to describe the relentless slogans we are bombarded with, rendered meaningless by their constant repetition. “We both are obsessed with company logos,” explain Diamond Version. “We collected these slogans and started reading them, without knowing the companies. In this amount and concentration they become absurd.” [Source]

Brian Eno – LUX 1 (excerpt) (2012)

Of late, Brian Eno has been neck-and-neck with his admirers in creating Eno-inspired content. Ty Segall covered his “Needles in the Camel’s Eye” for a 7-inch last month, and Supreme Cuts sampled him for Haleek Maul’s Chrome Lips mixtape in August. But the legendary producer and Roxy Music founder has been plenty busy, too, with back-to-back releases of his shapes-and-sounds iPad app Scape, out now, and his forthcoming first solo album in seven years, LUX. The new long-player, due on November 13, via Warp Records, is a stream of the 75-minute ambient beauty, which hearkens back to his pioneering Music For Films and Music For Airports 1978 LPs. Befitting its name, LUX feels warm and bright, as if it was composed from intersecting rays of colored light instead of keys, strings, and other resonant things plucked or struck by Eno. Take some time to bask in its glow. [Source]

Raime – Your Cast Will Tire (2012)

Raime’s music is so wrapped up in stiffness and solemnity that it feels like, at any moment, a great fault line could crack open within it. The London-based duo of Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead released a series of 12″ singles on the Blackest Ever Black label over the past couple of years, and now their debut full length, Quarter Turns Over a Living Line, is set for release November 19. They’re ostensibly an electronic duo, but on “Your Cast Will Tire” it’s the grating sound of a plectrum scratching up and down guitar strings that dominates, creating the track’s scabrous surface texture. [Source]