Clark – As The Circle Closes (2012)

New unheard ‘Iradelphic Session’ track, coinciding with Clark’s return to North America this weekend (dates below).

6/2 – Mutek, Montreal –
6/5 – Dublab, LA –
6/6 – Low End Theory, LA –
6/7 – Millenium Park, Chicago –
6/10 – LPR, NYC –

This is the first of a short series of bonus tracks from the Iradelphic Album Sessions – keep an ear out for more to follow.


Brendon Moeller – Wanderer (the fuck yeah vinyl mix) (2012)

Electric Deluxe are proud to announce Works, the ninth studio album from dub techno purveyor Brendon Moeller. Conceived in late 2010 and inchoately developed during a spell in Amsterdam with EDLX head Jochem Paap overseeing the project, Works flaunts Moeller at the height of danceabilty whilst remaining true to his steeped lineage as a maker of textured, atmospheric and subaqueous electronic music. [Source]

[Inspired by Bryan Black buzzing the packaging for the new album]

Tommy Four Seven – Verge (Sigha Remix) (2012)

CLR is celebrating release number 050 with another impressive remix package. It features two remixes of two different tracks from Tommy Four Seven´s recently released debut album “Primate” (CLRCD010). For this occasion, none other than one of the undisputed founding fathers of Detroit Techno and Minimal Techno, Robert Hood, and the genre-bending Dub-Techno pioneer Sigha have come to the table and have delivered two massive remixes of those highly innovative tracks by the British born, Berlin-based producer. Also included in the package are “Verge”, the original track remixed by Sigha, as well as another original track by the name of “G”. To understand why this is a truly memorable release, one has to know that Tommy Four Seven’s approach to music is unlike a musician. Instead, he prefers to sound design, recording and sculpting elements into deep engaging atmospheres. “Primate” is a vivid example of this extraordinary production ethos. The quality of those remixes, which give a good impression of both of the remixers´ trademark styles, pay full respect to the unorthodox production technique of this up and coming CLR artist. CLR 050 features remixes by two renowned artists from two generations of techno production, celebrating the work of one of the most exceptional and promising young artists in the scene.

Shifted – Suffocate (2012)

In 2006 techno and ambient pioneer Luke Slater launched his own label, Mote Evolver. Besides Mr. Slater himself and his Planetary Assault Systems and L.B. Dub Corp projects, the label’s artist roster includes some of the finest artists in the field of dark, cavernous techno, such as Samuli Kemppi, Marcel Fengler and Lucy. [Source]

[via Bryan Black]

Forward Strategy Group – Labour Division (2012)

Opening up the EP is the album’s title track, a classic Forward Strategy Group lesson in restraint as the track’s central percussion hits get continually worked over six and a half minutes, forming a hypnotic groove that has been a key part of Perc’s DJ sets this year. Next up is ‘Mandate’, where a semi-broken rhythm hint at classic electro as vocal syllables and stabs echo across the stereo field.

[via Bryan Black]

Alexey Volkov – Overshadow (Endless Remix) (2012)

Alexey Volkov returns with another skulking slab of industrial-inspired techno on Planete Rouge Records. Title track “Dust” launches the EP into an immediately throbbing groove, rung through with the dissonant clangs of the genre’s cold, machine-obsessed heritage. This hydraulic homage is succeeded by “Overshadow”—a closer inspection of techno’s cogs and wheels that sees Volkov tinkering with its parts over 9 minutes of cumulative atmospherics. Endless—the new collaboration between Alistair Wells AKA Perc and Giorgio Gili, based on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe label—offers a hypnotic remix from their pooled influences of Brian Eno, Byetone, Robert Henke, Irdial and Ifach. Here Volkov’s dark and growling slow-burner is stepped up into an octane workout, dressed with Gili’s minimalistic traits and seasoned with a spot of Perc-style abrasiveness. “Corner” is Dust EP’s provocative closer. Driven by anxious, incessant hats and syncopated hisses it uses suspended melodic morsels to work itself into a beguiling anti-climax that leaves you begging for more. All in all, Dust EP showcases a linear consciousness with ultra-modern vision from this one-to-watch producer.

[via Bryan Black]