Vondelpark – Closer (2013)

New pressing featuring an amazing house remix from Falty DL!! 15 year old sensation Happa delivers a superb warped techno remix of ‘Darcula’. With a Four Tet remix and DJ session for Mary Anne Hobbs already under his belt, the future looks bright for Happa. On the flip Falty DL, who is currently riding high with the release of his ‘Hardcourage’ LP drops a deep, hypnotic future house reworking of ‘Closer’. [Source]



dBridge – Death Of A Drum Machine (2013)

dBridge’s new cut “Death Of A Drum Machine” is yet another banger (I’m still bumping “Move Way” hugely). Sloppped-up NWA and Malcolm X samples pepper the Twilight Zone jungle vibe, with right-angled bass notes wailing out of the clattering din. It’ll appear on dBridge’s new 12″, out August 12th. [Source]


Machinedrum – Eyesdontlie (2013)

You’ve already heard ‘Eyesdontlie’ – not to mention the DJ Shadow remix – now here’s the B-side of the first single from Machinedrum‘s new album Vapor City. Slower-seeming than much of Machinedrum’s work, but still heavy on the junglism and hypnotically-looped vocals, you can stream ‘Body Touch’ below. Vapor City marks the follow-up to 2011′s well-received Room(s), as well as Machinedrum’s first album for new label Ninja Tune. it will be released on September 23; you can buy the ‘Eyesdontlie’ / ‘Body Touch’ single here. [Source]


Perc & Truss – Spiker (2013)

Perc & Truss – Spiker
Perc Trax Ltd / PTL002

A1) Clapacid
B1) Spiker
B2) Broken

After the success of ‘A Is For Acid’ Perc Trax Ltd continues with the first ever collaboration between the London brutalist dream team of label boss Perc and regular Perc Trax artist Truss (R&S, Avian, OCS) for an EP of no-bullshit, hardware based techno.

Three tracks, each recorded fully live in one take. No second attempts, no re-edits and no processing of the tracks after they were recorded. Add mastering by Matt Colton and you have one of Perc Trax’s rawest releases so date.

As with A Is For Acid the first pressing of this 12” will be on clear vinyl with a full colour double-sided artwork insert by Jonny Costello, who also created the artwork for Perc’s ‘Wicker & Steel’ and ‘Labour Division’ by Forward Strategy Group.


Ellie Herring – Full Eyed (2013)

The Lexington, Kentucky-based producer fuses an icy beat with even chillier vocals on her latest track. Ellie Herring‘s sonic experiments find the producer dabbling with various strands of ambient, avant-garde electronic music. In kind, ‘Full Eyed’ reveals layers of synth melody, percolating percussion, and Herring’s wispy vocals for haunting, orchestral results. Stream ‘Full Eyed’ below. The song appears on Kite Day, due out July 23 on the Racecar imprint. The EP includes seven originals and remixes by Albert Swarms, Sines + Katastrophic, and VHVL; the cover art is below. [Source]


Ellie Herring – Always Just OK (2013)

Though only armed with a simple refrain and an occasional set of airy chords, Ellie Herring’s “Always Just OK” is a beat steeped in contemplation. Still, the tune—pulled from Herring’s forthcoming Kite Day LP—is not without a tasteful touch of bounce, which can be attributed to the track’s melodic pattern of tuned percussion and alternating instances of reverb-washed snaps and drum-machine-born claps. In the end, it’s hard to categorize “Always Just OK”—there are flashes of refracted R&B, the slightest footwork undertones, and the familiar sheen of space-age beatmaking to be heard—but Herring’s craft is likely the better for its refusal to fit within a particular framework. Six more of the artist’s original productions will be made available alongside remixes from VHNL, Albert Swarm, and Sines + Katastrophic when Kite Day sees a release on July 23. [Source]