VCMG – Spock (DVS1 Voyage Home Remix) (2012)

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The single is backed up with a number of remixes from “real” techno producers, as if to lend the project some street cred, and it works: reworks from Regis and DVS1 are the reliable standouts. DVS1’s “Voyage Home Remix” takes the original’s bell refrain and moulds it into one of those alarum riffs he does so well, running off on an eight-minute, wildly panning bender of melting chords, while Regis puts a consummately Sandwell stamp on the track, immersing its darker tendencies in actual dread. Meanwhile, Edit Select douses the track in filters and fashions a relentlessly chugging barnstormer that never relents, and XOQ—who helped to mix the final album—contributes a rework that predictably leans close to the quirkiness of the original. [Source]

[via Martin Gore]

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