Rival Consoles – Vibrations on a String

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Taken from Rival Consoles’ forthcoming new album ‘Articulation’, released on 31 July.

“Vibrations on a String was one of the earliest pieces I made for the record, shortly after I finished Persona. The title is a direct reference to the behaviour of the main synth: I was trying to mimic what happens you play a guitar string both softly and aggressively. I think a part of me is often trying to mimic nature with synths. There is something mindful about observing things and making sense of them, and once you try to recreate something in a different medium it feels like there are new opportunities to explore.” — Ryan Lee West.

Articulation, which follows 2018’s Persona, was conceived with a very visual way of thinking, unusual for the London musician and producer. During the writing process Ryan drew structures, shapes and patterns by hand to try and find new ways of thinking about music, giving himself a way to problem-solve away from the computer. The album title references a piece by the avant-garde contemporary composer Györgi Ligeti, though not for its music, but for the non-traditional graphic score that accompanied it.

Since the release of 2018’s Persona, Ryan contributed an exclusive track Them Is Us to Adult Swim’s coveted Singles series and shared the beautifully textured solo piano piece Winter’s Lament on this year’s Piano Day. He has also been in high demand as a composer, scoring Charlie Brooker’s much talked about Black Mirror episode Striking Vipers, composing original music for Secret Cinema presents Stranger Things as well as renowned choreographer Alexander’s Whitley’s groundbreaking new work Overflow, which was set to premiere at London’s Sadler’s Wells Theatre this spring.

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