Mark Pritchard – Come Let Us (2018)

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Taken from Mark Pritchard’s latest collection of work, ‘The Four Worlds’, out 23 March on Warp.
Visual by Jonathan Zawada, an extract from ‘The Four Worlds’ film.

‘Come Let Us’ contains the vocal from Ziggurat by Gregory Whitehead from his 1985 cassette release – ‘Disorder Speech’. Courtesy of Gregory Whitehead.

Mark Pritchard returns with ‘The Four Worlds’. An eight-track collection, further exploring the sonic worlds first encountered on 2016’s opus ‘Under The Sun’. Mark has once again collaborated with visual artist Jonathan Zawada on artwork and visuals. The highlight of which is a thirteen-minute film bringing the duo’s audio and visual other-worldly landscapes to life like never before. This is a clip of that film.

‘The Four Worlds’ features Colorado’s psychedelic heroine, Space Lady, on S.O.S, and cult radio artist, Gregory Whitehead, on Come Let Us.

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