Releasing timeless music has always been one of the main aims of Hivern. Sometimes, this purpose asserts itself in curious manners. Take Margot’s ‘Moderno’, a track made in 2003, several years before the label was born. Actually, when Pepe and Giaga produced the piece for a punk oriented art installation, Margot didn’t even exist as a project.

14 years later, ‘Moderno’ sounds as fresh and contemporary as it can be. It’s one of those cuts that chases a very specific idea with a very unconstrained scheme, that knows exactly where it wants to go, but is not sure about how to get there. ¿The perks? Being able to invent your way on the go. Fast-forward to today and this approach seems to have become one of the keys of Margot’s open-minded understanding of techno. Maybe that’s the reason why their vision is as sharp as ever.

Proof of that is ‘Apple S’, a track that despite being much more recent shows the same idiosyncratic spirit when exploring the danceable margins of cosmic music. In this case, channeling a certain moroderesque legacy and reconfiguring it for the sweatiest hours of the modern club-night. The 12” is completed with two remixes of the title track by in-house fav Marc Piñol, whose sound keeps flourishing with each track. Both of his reconstructions manage to give two new functional dimensions to the track as well as adding its own emotional spin to it. The “Morning Mix” captures the kind of blurry bliss of those moments when the verbal tense in which the party started is not longer valid. A mixture of joy and confusion perfectly embodied in the way the wobbly melody and the acid phrases dialogue with each other. The “Acid Mix” insists on the same of fuzzy feeling, but with a darker and blunter varnish.

The vinyl comes wrapped in a sleeve with original photographs by Anna Meléndez and design by Alicia Carrera.


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