John Tejada – Lakewood Drive (2016)

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Having released more than a combined 80 EPs and LPs to consistent acclaim since 1995 is certainly no small feat – for techno luminary JOHN TEJADA, one of the most respected producers in the US, it’s the result of an all-consuming passion for electronic music spanning two decades. Returning to Kompakt after last year’s stunning solo album SIGNS UNDER TEST (KOMPAKT 321 CD 119) – already his third full-length with the label -, the LA-based artist presents his latest concoction LAKEWOOD DRIVE. It’s a sturdy, spirited EP showcasing Tejada’s admired brand of energetic, melodic minimalism, packed to the brim with three expertly crafted cuts confidently commanding dance floors. His predilection for sophisticated, playful bangers is very much intact, making this another hugely successful foray into the realm of hot-wired synth machinery and glistening beats.

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