Conrad Schnitzler & Pyrolator – 289-5 (2015)

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From “Conrad Schitzler & Pyrolator – Con-struct”, out on Bureau B on July 17th 2015 //


Documentary sequences show Conrad Schnitzler walking on the street with a speaker attached to his body during one of his typical performances as the “lebendige Klangwolke” (living sound cloud). He was dressed in a white leather outfit with a megaphone attached to a black helmet.

Other sequences use material from his rare video-art which he created in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The videos were done with the simplest of methods, using only available equipment, his visual inspiration drawn partly from the 1920s avant-garde, with strong black and white contrast and overexposed images. Conrad Schnitzler stopped producing videos after a relatively short time, preferring to concentrate on his music compositions. He felt video was the medium for “rich men’s kids with enough pocket money to buy expensive equipment.”

Seeing this rare video material, one has to come to the conclusion that, even if Schnitzler‘s music is sometimes described as harsh or cold and mechanical, his videos reveal that he was actually a very humorous man who had lots of fun making art.

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