Cristian Vogel – In (2015 Remaster)

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In 1995, after earning continuous respect for his work in Germany, Cristian Vogel was given the chance to be the first ever UK artist to record for the celebrated Tresor label: many consider it the home of the finest pure techno in Europe.

The result was the Absolute Time double pack LP vinyl. A different approach than his previous work on Mille Plateaux; here he is more concerned with the exploration of dance floor construction. In addition, where the vinyl version introduced the album concept as a reliable DJ tool with each track’s structure blatantly designed to snap together with others, the initial CD version sold almost the same amount of copies and became simply invaluable – a first for Tresor!

This was a ground-breaking release not only in its emergence as a techno “listening” album on CD, but in that it also paved the way for future Tresor artist CD-albums and the overall acceptance of techno artists’ concept albums on CD format. This is definitely an all around techno classic!

Released 31 May 2015.

All music written and recorded by Cristian Vogel, 1994-95.
Remastered by Cristian Vogel and Mike Grinser at ManMadeMastering in Berlin, 2015.
Original artwork by Mat Kauhanen.

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