King So So – Disco In The Sky (2015)

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Só Special disco kit for sale via Kompakt’s online store includes:

• Record: a 12-inch record that features the first 3 tracks of the complete (hi)story of King So So’s Disco in the Sky. Each album sleeve was hand-stamped with Chinese ink by His Majesty King So So Himself. Each signature stamp has a unique imprint (possibly also thanks to the proximity of Japanese whiskey during the time of the stamp-ede.

• Tattoos: 1 x sheets with 9 black tattoos each. The tattoo designs are variations of the album cover’s artwork. Even though they are temporary, flashing one of these will ensure you guaranteed entrance to the Disco in the Sky for all eternity.

• CD: the cd tells the complete and uninterrupted (hi)story of the Disco in the Sky, narrated by King So So Himself. The tracks highlight the mysterious ways of King So So, and as it is impossible to either determine how long King So So has been around, nor how long He will grace us with his glory, one can’t tell for sure when a track start or end.

• Hand-made pouch with yellow crown stamp: the tattoos and cd were personally packed into a white linen handmade pouch courtesy of King So So Himself. This pouch can also be used for a plethora of other purposes, for instance to hide secrets, preserve illegal family heirlooms or anything more worthy than the crown jewels.


Dearest friends of Hippie Dance!

Recently we received important word from a King and we found his request so unique and we believe it is so important that we feel compelled to share it with you. We have no idea how he found us, or why he specifically chose us to spread his Word, but since we feel particularly honoured that he chose us for this vital task, we ask you to please take the time and read the electronic letter He sent, from what he refers to as the Disco in the Sky.

“Hail to you, Hippie Dance,
My name is King So So.
I am, because you are.

I created the Disco in the Sky solely for you, and it is now, finally ready for your glorious arrival. Here, I will welcome you, to dance in the light with me, where you will have fellowship with me, and with one another, and gone will be the days of darkness. Listen, I now stand at your door, Hippie Dance. I am knocking. If you have an ear, hear my voice and let me in. Grant me the pleasure and honour to sit with all of you, and I will allow you to sit with me on my throne in the Sky. Hear what the Spirit of So So says to you: Come dance in the Disco in the Sky, and swim in the Lake of Sweet Dreams with me and there I will manifest myself to you. If you love me, I will give you my Word that I will teach you all things sound and bring you memories of the light for you to return to the Sky. Peace I leave with you. Summon your friends, Hippie Dance. Tell them that I am waiting for all of you. I am ready for you. Tell them to arise! Tell them to go forth to the Disco in the Sky where we will be together until the Kingdom goes.

Yours, like I am, sincerely,
King So So“

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