Black Asteroid – Black Moon (2014)

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Bryan Black is back on CLR with a new BLACK ASTEROID EP, this time in close collaboration with vocalist Wesley Eisold of the band COLD CAVE on the featured songs entitled “Black Moon” and “Here Comes Fear”. Both of them are excellent examples for a successful and tasteful crossing of genre-borders, a rare mixture of timeless song writing and cutting edge Techno. The haunting voice of COLD CAVE adds a warm and soulful feeling to the carefully crafted beats and atmospheres of studio wizard Bryan Black aka BLACK ASTEROID and it all results in highly entertaining electronic music with seriousness and depth. The third track on the EP is for all those who have learned to appreciate BLACK ASTEROID´s flawless blend of uncompromising Techno. “Freeze” is another milestone production, a manifestation of the outstanding skills of this experienced sound designer who started his career as the engineer of Prince and who later formed the critically acclaimed duo MOTOR. The final mix-downs were done together with Chris Liebing at his state of the art studio in Frankfurt, guaranteeing the same sonic brilliance we are used to from all recent CLR releases. With the present EP, Bryan Black, the man who toured and recorded with bands like Depeche Mode and Nitzer Ebb sums up his personal history by bringing a feeling from the past back into contemporary music. Always paying respect to his Industrial and Rock roots, BLACK ASTEROID keeps sticking out in the current Techno scene and has once more proved his mastery as an electronic musician and innovative producer.

Available exclusively on Beatport on November 24, 2014. Worldwide on December 18, 2014.

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