Alex Niggemann- Materium (2014)

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Poker Flat Recordings welcomes back the ever-prolific Alex Niggemann for another speaker-troubling dispatch. This time the Aeon and Soulfooled boss drops a heavy-duty release that more than lives up to his usual high standards.

‘Materium’ is epic in every sense of the word – a sprawling, tough journey into analogue techno with a dash of house thrown in. It rips through the speakers – the crisp and aggressive production provides the space for growling synths and atmospheric, tense pads. What’s more, the whole track audaciously dissolves into silence mid way through – before exploding back into life via a descending analog synth line.

‘Primary’ is no less dramatic but opts for a dubbier vibe as it builds and releases the ever-present tension. It’s hard, moody, electronic funk for afterhours, basements and warehouses.

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