Jeff Derringer – Closer (Black Asteroid Remix) (2014)

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After spending most of 2013 focused on building the Oktave brand in Chicago, Jeff Derringer returns to production with the release of the ‘Closer’ EP on Prosthetic Pressings. With this record, Jeff’s sound evolves into the steely, hypnotic territory of his live performances. Both originals, ‘Further’ and ‘Closer,’ delve into sonic textures and ambient tones not yet heard in Jeff’s music, while still keeping focus on the heavy, syncopated beats that have become his trademark.

On the A side is ‘Further,’ a moody floor filler that features moprhing analog synth pads and filtered claps, centered around an alarm-call synth lead and cascading hi-hats. ‘Further’ is sure to be a highlight of the late night/early morning sets of the underground. On the flip is ‘Closer,’ a darker affair, all scratching noise and foreboding background textures. Halfway through the track a burst of melodic distortion takes over the break and brings the track to its conclusion.

On remix duty is Black Asteroid, who takes the original version of ‘Closer’ and brings it all the way out to the sonic edge, honing in on the darkest corners of its sonic palette before dropping in a deadly 4/4 kick. Be prepared for a techno adventure the likes of which only Bryan Black can deliver.


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