French techno producer/DJ Gesaffelstein (aka Mike Levy) has spent a few years fine-tuning his underground credentials, releasing cuts on cool dance labels including Bromance and Tiga’s Turbo, and packing out European club nights. He’s also been steadily edging towards mainstream recognition, remixing increasingly high-profile acts (Depeche Mode; Lana Del Rey) and co-producing two provocative highlights on Kanye West’s Yeezus album: Send It Up and the glammy Black Skinhead. Aleph is Gesaffelstein’s debut artist album, and it comes swathed in circuit board-style artwork and complex sentiments. ‘I have a facility to understand dark emotion,’ he says. It’s also rather lofty in its approach: the title Aleph is the first letter in both the Arabic and Hebrew alphabets; even Gesaffelstein’s name references the German term ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ (meaning ‘universal artwork’) and, er, Albert Einstein. [Source]

Gesaffelstein - album 5099943167623-MF.jpg


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