The Haxan Cloak – The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2) (2013)

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Most people who listen to The Haxan Cloak’s second record will never hear it completely. Written into the album’s data are frequencies that can only be played on powerful equipment: deep, floor-shaking tones meant to be felt, not heard. Even through headphones, the record manipulates sound in a way that’s primally disturbing, preying on the instinct to jump at sudden noises, to mistrust silence. Excavation betrays the illusion of the album as a pristine artifact, instead embracing music as an experience contingent on its environment. The album is not a grooved disc or a folder of .mp3s. The album is a conversation between vibrating air and the brain. The Haxan Cloak engages the mechanism of fear rather than the appearance of it. Excavation isn’t quite drone in the way that Eraserhead isn’t quite horror. The goal is to look at why we’re afraid—and to see the beauty that comes out of our fear. [Source]


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