Gavin Russom – Our Streets (2013)

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Oblique Strategies Card: “Spectrum Analysis”

Equipment Used: “Logic as my master clock and recording deck; an MPC2000 as MIDI Sequencer and beat programmer; and a TR-707,
KPR-77, DX-7, two Slim Phattys, MF-104M Analog Delay, MF-105M MIDI MuRF and MF-102 Ring Modulator for sounds and processing”

The Story Behind the Song: “I look at music very physically, from constructing patches of gear that function like living organisms to creating sounds that impact the body, with a strong element of spontaneity. This track was partly about getting pumped up, like the soundtrack for a workout montage in a movie like Rocky. Only it’s a holistic workout that includes spiritual and physical fitness. Maybe that relates to the card in how ‘Spectrum Analysis’ is like going over the whole system and tuning it up. I found interesting ways to use the new Moog gear, too, playing the knobs live and thinking of ways to use each piece that might not be the standard “set and forget” approach. Keeping everything moving like that made each sound feel alive, like they’re all getting together and doing their thing.”


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