Following a trio of acclaimed, genre-confounding 12″ drops – for his own Diagonal imprint and most recently The Death of Rave – London’s Powell reports for duty at Mute’s dance R&D department, Liberation Technologies. ‘Fizz’ picks up where the mighty ‘A Band’ left off, being an anachronistic party-starter that splits the difference between rockabilly shuffle and gear-grinding industrial stomp, spiced with aromatic no wave samples and squirts of acrid electronic noise – techno for teddy boys. ‘Wharton Tiers On Drums’ revives the jerry-built, tunnelistic groove of early Powell ace ‘The Ongoing Significance Of Steel & Flesh’, but jerks the toms harder, adding sampled shout-outs to the eponymous sticksman and inviting you to contort yourself on the dancefloor. ‘Beat’ is a return to the sparsest rhythm science, simultaneously invoking the loping hypno-rock of Can, the popper-crazed brawn of Nitzer Ebb and the sparse techstep rollage of Nico and Ed Rush circa Torque. Taken from LTECH004 – ‘Fizz’ out now on 12″ and download. [Source]


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