Lucy (Stroboscopic Artefacts / CLR) ‘Meltdown’… another masterpiece from Perc Trax.’

Oscar Mulero (Warm Up) ‘Hatch 2A9 and Pinion rmx are the ones for me. Thx!’

Tommy Four Seven (CLR / EDLX) ‘Like the emotion in Meltdown. Great release.’

Len Faki ‘Nice trip on jettison! 4/5’

Go Hiyama (Token / Warm Up ) ‘Meltdown (Pinion Remix) is best for me. BEATS’

Terence Fixmer (CLR / EDLX) ‘Good ep. Really dig the Evacuation Route and the Pinon remix.’

JD Twitch (Optimo) ’ All good but meltdown is just sublime.’

Photonz (One Eyed Jack) ‘Really good release, every track is pretty cool but Evacuation Route and the Pinion Remix are absolutely stellar.’

Mondkopf (In Paradisium) ‘ Love “Meltdown” ! “Evacuation Room” is devastating.’

TVO (Broken20) ‘A real progression in sound, plenty of added sublety. The Pinion remix is good and adds a welcome dose of discordance but Hatch 2A9 and Meltdown are the ones – plenty of depth.’

Bas Mooy (Audio Assault) ‘High quality as expected! Full support’

Cassegrain (Killekille / Mikrowave) ‘strong release! Jettison and Pinion remix especially are great’

Mick Finesse returns to Perc Trax after the success of his ‘Tunnel Vision EP’ which with its unstoppable remix from boss man Perc. Since then the Denver dweller has released an EP on Scottish art/noise powerhouse Broken20 and helped promote another successful Perc Trax showcase in his home city of Denver.

Now Mick returns with ‘The Disaster Began During A Systems Test’, 4 tracks of dense, filmic techno characterised by smudged atmospherics and buried vocal samples. From the string refrain of opener ‘Meltdown’ to the 4/4 beats of ‘Hatch 2A9’ and ‘Jettison’ this EP covers a lot of ground yet maintains a cohesive sound aesthetic.

Closing proceedings is a remix from Perc Trax new boy Pinion, another US based producer who is making waves thanks to his recent ‘Engage’ 12” on Perc Trax. Adding beats that sit halfway between classic electro and vintage industrial, Pinion’s remix gives ‘Meltdown’ a floor friendly edge without ever straying near to club techno clichés.

From The Disaster Began During​.​.​., released 04 January 2013. Written & produced by Steve Penders.


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