Lloyd Cole – Addac vs Attic (2012)

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This patch is based around a pseudo random auto rhythm. The Addac 501 Complex Random module controls just about everything. The 501 frequency Min and Max are controlled by 2 rows of the Synthwerks PGM 4*4 pair (4 rows, 8 columns). The column accessed is controlled by the Doepfer 1-152 – the 8 digital outs go to the 8 column gate INs. The output of the a-152 is controlled by the first CV OUT of the 501 which goes to the a-152 CV in. This same output of the 501 generates the root note of the chord played by the Modcan Triple Oscillator. The CV goes to an attenuator/offset module and is quantized by a uScale. The 2nd and 3rd notes are generated by the 3rd and 4th row of the Synthwerks PGM. These were tuned by ear. The Triple Osc is in quantize all mode. The TRiple Osc is going through the Toppobrillo Multifilter. The 4th voice of the chord (sort of) comes from the 2nd random OUT of the 501. It goes through a uScale to a Hertz Donut and the sugnal is mixed with the Modcan in the Mutifilter. The second ‘pad’ comes from the same CV as the Hertz Donut, but the shifted B output of the uScale is used and goes to AFG, tuned by ear to a harmony (sometimes). It then goes through the Res-4 modulated by the PH-4. The drum/bass beat and the bell are simple sounds from the e-350 and e-340 respectively. They run through Double Andore VCAs, the envelopes generated by variations on the basic timing of the Triple Osc chords – the Doefer a-156 quantizer works here as a slope detector and generates a pulse for every chord played. This sequence goes to Logoi for the drum/bass using count mode, the drum hits every 2 or 3 pulses. The Stoicheia triggers the bell from the same clock but generating a slightly different sequence. The resulting pattern is ALMOST predictable, but not quite. Everything is going through the little Mackie with Strymon El Capistan and Blue Sky as effects.


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