Throwing Snow – Brook (Gold Panda remix) (2012)

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Throwing Snow makes his first mark on 2012 with a forward brace of highly individual productions backed with a club-ready Gold Panda remix. It’s now nine months since his last release, the ‘Too Polite’ wrecker on Local Action, and it was evidently time well spent refining and working deeper into his unique style. A-side he presents the roiling ruckus of ‘Clamor’, a shock of 3D-rendered post-footwork drum patterns, schizoid darkside stabs and swarming, abstract electronics unified by his melancholic musicianship, contrasting with the initially cool grooving composure of ‘Brook’, which soon gives in to his craftier technical urges to engrossing effect. B-side ‘Perca’ locks down to a swampy Hip Hop wade, double-timed with trilling percussions and fibrillating ‘tronics under an urgent string hook and impending pads. Gold Panda ties things up with a glistening re-float of ‘Brook’, full of romance and yearning groove for the ‘floor. Recommended to fans of Om Unit, Floating Points, Machinedrum, and advanced UK electronica with a heavy soul.

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