Ellie Herring – Person Puzzle (2012)

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Ellie Herring is an American born electronic musician and producer. Born in Tennessee and pursued an MFA in abstract painting from The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, which she credits as a heavy influence to her music. Her first EP, Flailing In Attraction, released with Race Car Productions (USA) in 2011 following up with the first full length, Satiate out on Phantasma Disques (Germany) in January 2012. She has shared the stage with Class Actress, MEN, SSION, Skeleton Hands, Milyoo, and Bitch. Furthermore, Ellie remembers tap dancing on second base during t-ball games to the INXS ringing in her head, creating mixes on a Sony mini-disc player, Michael Jackson’s Thriller 7″ on her Fisher Price record player, and buying a Heart cassette with her mother while eating sherbet.

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