Jarvis – Sidewinder (2011)

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As an up and coming DJ/Producer from Buffalo NY, Jarvis was fortunate enough to be just an hour away from Toronto. It was here that he was exposed to a wide array of talent and genre, and here he decided to start DJing on his own. Picking up shows in his hometown, Jarvis quickly experienced the dynamics of a dance floor and how each sound affected it. Being fortunate enough to open for an array of talent, he was able to study many of today’s big names which, in turn, he began to formulate his own sound. Jarvis’ tracks are primarily built for the dance floor. They are his interpretation of the last several years that he has experienced from Electronic Music. They cannot be classified to one main genre as they are influenced by so many, including techno, progressive and tech. Expect to hear much more from Jarvis in the future as he will continue to bring you his unique vision of the world of electronic music.

[via Martin Gore]

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