Mondkopf – Ease Your Pain (2012)

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Mondkopf ventures to the outer limits of techno with this release on In Paradisum. The title track is based on dense, doubled-up beats, but it’s really the searing bassline that gives it an edge. Visceral and viscuous, it sounds like Border Community on acid, something that is accentuated by the hints of trance melody that populate it. “Fading Rainbow” is more experimental, with Mondkopf forsaking any notion of dance floor appeal and focusing instead on a series of subsonic blips and bleeps and half-heard noises and effects ebbing and flowing in the background. Jesse Somfay delivers a remix of “Pain” and try as he might to live up to the original’s skewed intensity, his paranoid, acid-cloaked rhythms play second fiddle. [Source]

[via Bryan Black]

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