ASC aka UK born James Clements, now resides in San Diego USA and has strong roots in the drum & bass scene, previously recording the album ‘Nothing Is Certain’ plus a number of EPs for Instra:mental’s Nonplus label as well as running his own vinyl labels, Auxiliary and Symbol. Recently his musical vision has widened to include dub techno and ambient tracks peaking with the release of the ‘Slow ‘Burn’ and ‘Transit’ on Luke Slater’s renown Mote Evolver label. ASC’s is not a man to stick to one style but Perc Trax’s wide musical remit means there is space for him to continue with the Autonomic style drum and bass that he made his name pioneering whilst also exploring his own take on techno. The EP opens with Revelation’s biting kick and snare combo before a huge sub-bass revealing ASC’s musical origins is let loose. Magnetic loops it’s titular vocal sample over broken beats and the kind of subtle atmospheric touches recently seen in James’ ambient tracks before Capsule keeps the 4/4 purists happy with Detroit stabs over a junkyard percussion section.

[via Bryan Black]

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