Lucy and Xhin – LX4 (2012)

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A year has passed since the last Lucy And Xhin release on CLR, and here they are again, the two sound futurists from Italy and Singapore. With this present EP, the acclaimed production duo, who have steadily confirmed their reputation as some of the most cutting edge newcomers in the world of electronic music, impressively prove that they are still on their dedicated sonic mission. The EP features two original tracks entitled LX4 and LX5, both perfect examples of their characteristic trademark style. Deep and atmospheric, slightly experimental but always danceable – intelligent, elegant Techno with musically sophisticated roots and a very tight sub-bass. Finally one could highlight the hypnotic and almost ceremonial quality of LX5, which slowly and subtly unfolds over a length of eleven minutes. CLR welcomes back currently Berlin-based Lucy and Singapore´s own Xhin with their more than dignified follow up of last year´s release and invites you to check out another truly intriguing Techno EP.

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