Edgar Froese – Kamikaze 1989 (1982) [FULL ALBUM]

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Kamikaze 1989 is a 1982 West German cyberpunk thriller film co-written and directed by Wolf Gremm, based on the 1964 novel Murder on the Thirty-First Floor by Per Wahlöö. It stars Rainer Werner Fassbinder as a detective investigating a string of bombings that lead to a corporate media conspiracy. At the Festival Internacional de Cinema do Porto, Fantasporto, for 1984, the film won the Critic’s Award and received a nomination for the International Fantasy Film Award.

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Videophonic (4:17)
2. Vitamin C (2:17)
3. Krismopompas (3:19)
4. Police Disco (4:55)
5. Intuition (2:05)
6. Police Therapy Center (2:35)
7. Blue Panther (3:08)
8. Snake Bath (4:50)
9. Unexpected Death (2:56)
10. Flying Kamikaze (4:00)
11. Tower Block (3:30)
12. The 31st Floor (2:15)

Total Time: 40:07

Kamikaze 1989 was composed, performed and produced by Edgar Froese, recorded in Amber Studio Berlin 1982 for a Regina Sieglar Film Production.

Here are some scenes from the movie:

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