Arexibo – 𓆉)))) 𓆉)))) (Swimming Turtles)

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As part of the new series of moving-image premieres, Nowness Experiments, we welcome multidisciplinary artist Arexibo to the screen. After making waves in Seoul with her multimedia artwork and her all-female DJ collective ‘Bazookapo Seoul’, Arexibo has released her debut EP as a producer. Titled 카운터! (Counter!), the EP works upon the producer’s proven dancefloor sensibility, weaving in contemplative moments of ambient, minimal electronica alongside bold melodies and luscious synthwave. “’Counter’ is a word that presupposes a pair, and it also implies a balance of power,” the artist explains. “When a force of similar size pulls each other in opposite directions, the two are temporarily placed at a standstill. My attitude of producing and creating is no different from this balancing act.” Made by connecting and extending virtual synthesizers, this slippage between quiet granular textures and pretty icy minimalism with moments of musical extroversion and frenetic rhythmic scenes are at the centre of 카운터! (Counter!). In 𓆉)))) 𓆉)))), sci-fi soundscapes meet obscure tuning systems. Directed by Arexibo, the video work accompanying the track is a simple but moving single shot which recalls the early screen tests of Andy Warhol. “Through a high-speed photo shoot that borrows the typical form of portrait photography, I thought ‘How about the audience stay at the vague boundary between pictures and videos for a while?’”


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